Saturday, June 4, 2011

Spring Explosion

The gardens must have liked all the rain we had during the past month. My next door neighbor's Wisteria just went bonkers!  This is the view from my patio:

 This is the view from her patio - it's like a Wisteria umbrella.

My spring garden is coming along well also, thank you very much!  Here's some snapshots.

"Champagne" Iris
Climbing Hydrangea

Bleeding Hearts
I planted these three Clematis many, many years ago and didn't think to save the names. Doofus. 

Any idea what their names are??

"Tinkerbell" Lilac

 And who is this hitchhiker??



  1. Des photos sublimes... Le printemps est ma saison préférée, malheureusement, comme toutes les bonnes choses, il est éphémère...
    Cependant aujourd'hui grâce à vous il me nourrit les yeux.
    gros bisous.

  2. Je vous remercie Martine. Donc, nous aimons tous les deux au printemps tellement. Gros bisous. (Google translation!)


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