Saturday, June 18, 2011

Roofs and Porches and Wreaths

We are finally having a stretch of great weather here in my neck of the woods, so things are hopping around my condo complex.  It's a very small complex, just 60 units, so we don't have any of the amenities that large complexes do, like swimming pools or a community house. So we had a little gazebo put in at the back of our property and there's even a small built-in grille behind the big rock. It will be a nice spot for relaxing and entertaining.

We're also getting new insulation and a new roof.  I'm not looking forward to the disruptions, but I know it has to be done.

In my own backyard, everything is growing like crazy.  Since I can't do any heavy work out there, I'm pretty much letting my garden do what it wants this year.  I'm not sure if that's a good idea; it's only June and it looks like a jungle already! 

I love my climbing hydrangea. The flowers aren't so spectacular, but I love the shape of the leaves and how the vine climbs and creates this lovely wall of green.

On the other hand, my bittersweet vine grows quite wild, wrapping itself around anything it reaches and around itself and then sends these long vines straight up.  Not very pretty.

Last year I tried a wacky experiment that worked out pretty well, so I'm doing it again.  Rather than  pruning those long tendrils, I'm twisting and tying them into a wreath shape and as they continue to grow I'm wrapping the tendrils around, just like a grapevine wreath.  I tried cutting them down and shaping them into a wreath once, but instead of drying brown they stayed green and pliable. Not so pretty! Here's one of my twists.

Here's how it worked last year - one small wreath and one larger one.  I'm aiming to get more and fuller wreaths this year.

It's hanging on my little front porch. This is the first time I put a chair out front, but since I'm supposed to take frequent rest breaks (in between my walking exercise, of course!) I decided to try it! It's so nice to sit in the shade and read for a while.

Summertime. I love it!


  1. You have a very lovely home! Your porch is definitely the highlight and my favorite! I love the way you chose the color. Also, it’s a wise move that you installed your roof in a good weather condition. This will make the work faster and you will be totally prepared when the rainy season comes. Anyway, I hope you’re having a great time doing the things you love the most :)

    Lenore Lung


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