Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How did these kids grow up so fast?

One of my great-nephews had his graduation party last Saturday.  I helped his mother, my niece who I love with all my heart, with the decorations.  I was especially pleased that probably 90% of the decor I created was recycled from what I had on hand. Neither she nor I like to spend tons of money on disposable stuff. 
These banners were made from stencils I already had. Unlike for the last party when I did paper banners and it rained, this time I laminated them and told my niece that doing that just guaranteed it wouldn't rain.  I was right!

Give me a can of spray paint and I'm a happy girl!  I already had the pots and just spray painted them; we bought the sweet potato vine. My nephew is a fantastic photographer (intimidates me) so that was the theme for the day. I found the clip art negative strip and included his baby pictures.

The vases are recycled for the third time, and everything else came from my stash or from my backyard, assisted by my beloved spray paint.

Of course, there's the obligatory photo board - he had two. I used a photo corner punch on card stock to frame the photos so they can be removed undamaged.

 My nephew posted his own photographs throughout - trust me, they are fantastic! Whether he chooses to make photography a career or simply an enjoyable avocation, he'll do wonderful work.  I'm thinking of getting lessons from him when I get my new SLR camera.

 The most fun was this photo wall. I had seen these on the internet, and thought it would be a fun touch and fit in well with the photography theme.  I planned it out, bought the frames at the thrift store for 99 cents each, and my nephew-in-law built it.  Yes, you guessed it, the frames were spray painted.

I didn't have any trouble convincing the kids to take part.  The grownups needed a little coaxing but enjoyed it in the end. 
Here's four of my nieces and four of my nephews ...

My niece has the best friends that she met through her church. They all show up and with good nature and lots of laughs, they work their tails off to set up the food stations.  It was their idea to bring their "tools" for the picture.  They were delightful!

Here's me with the graduate on the upper right, my big sister on the left, and my sweet niece on the bottom. 

It sure was a nice day. The weather was beautiful (although a little windy at times), the food was delicious, the people were great fun.  So now we'll gather back all the decorations and recycle what we can for the next party, thanks to spray paint and thrift stores!

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