Saturday, May 28, 2011

No Place Like Home

 I neglected to give you an update about my followup appointment with my surgeon after I told you I was going!  The appointment with my surgeon went extremely well – everything checked out great! I of course have to continue with my restrictions and continue to walk and get my left leg working better but he said everything looks great at this point.  My surgeon and his whole staff are so cool – just love them all.  I’ll be spending more money going back and forth – have to go back in September to see his associates then back again to see him for my 1-year anniversary.  

So why am I showing Dorothy's red shoes?  After the following experience, I was very happy to be home:  "There's no place like home."

The BAD part of the trip was the weather. A friend went with me and we were scheduled to get home at 6:18 pm; I got home at 1 am.  Bad weather both in St. Louis and Detroit caused all kinds of delays. The result was that three different STL-DTW flights were on hold at the same time across about 5 different gates.  People kept swarming back and forth like lemmings, trying to get on whichever flight looked like it would take off. Then twice they announced a tornado warning and told us “move away from the windows.”  THE AIRPORT IS FULL OF WINDOWS ON BOTH SIDES! HOW MANY PEOPLE DO YOU THINK CAN SQUEEZE INTO A RESTROOM??  My friend just happened to walk over to the next gate and saw they were letting people on one of the flights with a bigger plane no matter which flight you were scheduled on, so we ran over and jumped right on. We found out later our original flight left 20 minutes later and arrived at DTW the same time we did!  

Ahhh – travel – so much fun.  If I weren’t so tired and achy it would have been hysterically funny. (Actually, I did find the energy to laugh - it really was bizarre!)

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  1. Glad that you got a good report from your surgeon!


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