Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mini Grand Re-Opening

My Etsy shops are open again:

My original shop, with photography, digital collages, greeting cards, and gift tags:

 My newer shop, with upcycled and recycled products, wreaths, home decor, and destash:

It has been a slow process, and my shops are not yet complete. I'm still reviewing my work, updating photos and descriptions, assessing pricing and shipping.  And of course I'm trying to bring all those new ideas I have to fruition. So many ideas, so little time. 

I'm finding my re-entry back into the online world a bit difficult.  It's not only the physical demands of managing the shops and all the "social networking" that goes along with having an online presence.  My stamina is still not up to par after my surgery, and I need to take breaks during the day to alternate prescribed walking with necessary resting.  Before I know it, the day's over with.

It's also the perhaps more difficult task of convincing myself that I have something of artistic value to offer.  That ugly monster, self-doubt, rears its ugly head again. I have been second-guessing myself a lot as I review existing work and work on some new products. But I keep telling myself I've been through this confidence thing before. This too shall pass - again.  And thank goodness I can laugh about my wimpy-ness! 

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