Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Time is a Healer

 There's that fleeting moment in the morning between sleep and waking when your body feels light as a feather and your mind is peaceful and clear. As I move toward waking, my first conscious thoughts go to my pre-March life: I would awaken, have some coffee and jump wholeheartedly into a life of activity devoted to creating my artwork, enjoying family and friends, and basically doing whatever I choose to do, with few worries.

As I become more completely awake, I am brought up short quickly: the heaviness of my altered body reminds me that my life is now changed considerably. For now, my life is a much smaller world revolving around medicine, restricted movement, dependence, physical therapy, lack of appetite, and bowel movements. (Just keeping it real!) I won't be able to drive for perhaps another 5-6 weeks, and in any case not until I'm off the hard drugs.

It takes a year or more for my fusion to heal so it will be a year of small victories and slow progress. To be sure the fusion heals as it should, I have to restrict my movements such as bending, twisting, and lifting.  I am concerned that my legs are quite weak, but I'm confident that's a temporary issue that physical therapy should take care of.

All in all, I am so relieved and ecstatic that my back is so straight I'm determined to get through this healing and do whatever I need to do to not jeopardize it.  Take a look and tell me - isn't this quite miraculous??

These days, the lyric that keeps running through my mind is "Time is a Healer" by my all-time favorite female singer, Eva Cassidy.  Sadly, Eva passed away many years ago and only a few precious CDs exist of her beautiful work.  Pretty much an underground performer when she was alive, most of her fame has come after her death as fellow performers, fans, friends, and family strive to keep her memory alive.  She has her own unique take on classics we know, but hearing her version makes us think it's the first time we are hearing them. I love almost everything she has done, but here's two of my favorites Over the Rainbow and Fields of Gold.  Enjoy.


  1. Amazing pre and post surgery photos!!! Prayers for continued healing and overal renewal...inside and out. :-)

    Beautiful music as well. Very melancholy. Her version of Fields of Gold made me actually understand the Sting's version never did. I think she got it right.

    Rest well Felicia.

    Marcia Bates

  2. Big but gentle hugs to you. Remember each day that "this too shall pass" & take care - you will be up & about before you know it.

  3. Me, too, Marcia. I never had any feelings about the song before until I heard this version. I love it.

    Thanks Stacey - gentle hugs back to you.


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