Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Countdown - Day 1 - Packing Up

 It's my last day at home, packing up to head to St. Louis for my back revision surgery to correct problems I have been having from previous fusion surgeries.  Here's the back story. 

 As I mentioned before, it's a teaching hospital affiliated with Washington University School of Medicine and I was pleased to learn from my research that the orthopedic surgery department is among the top ten in the country.  My first visit seemed straight out of a Grey's Anatomy segment.

I'm sure they have been studying my case and preparing for my surgery.  Yes, Bailey, it's going to be a tough one - get them ready!

I'm not too worried about the surgeons though - they're all outstanding in their fields. HA!

They'll be waiting for me ...

... because they saw my xrays and they all want in on the surgery.

 Of course, they will only assist ...

My surgery will rest in the most capable hands of the big guy ... THE SURGEON!

I wonder if he'll wake me from the anesthesia this way ...

Okay, girl ... wake up! You've got packing to do!


I'll be back here to update you just as soon as I'm able to get my brain-on-drugs and my fingers to work together. Thank you again for your all of your prayers and healing thoughts! 


  1. I will continue to pray for you. God Bless you honey.

  2. haven't been by here in a while. sorry to hear you are still having problems- wishing you all the best felicia!


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