Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Recycles/Upcycles

Even though I'm crazy busy with my surgery plans, I'm still trying to get some new work posted.  Here's two that have been waiting for the finishing touches for quite a while.  These are both recycled/upcycled items for my morebrightideas shop.

These mini notebooks are created from the tons of scrap paper I have around. The covers are cut either from some test prints of my digital collages and photographs, or pieces of scrapbooking papers. I always have a notebook or two like these in my purse for grocery lists, shopping lists, measurements if I'm looking for something for the house, etc.  They are not so precious that you can't just toss them when they are full. 

I have a lot of them, so no fear of running out! 

This set of candle holders was created from bits and pieces of wood I had around the house, recycled or repurposed from other projects.  The tops are ceramic candle bases. Standard 3" pillar candles are perfect for these candle holders.

Set of 3 Candle Holders - Black and Brushed Nickel
 I'm still trying to get a few more pieces finished before I have to shut down the shops for a while. 

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