Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Countdown - Day 11 Distraction

Hmmm ... Let me tell you two things I did this morning and you tell me if my brain is a little distracted. 

I put my Kashi dry cereal in a bowl, sliced some bananas into it, reached into the refrigerator and  .... poured CHICKEN STOCK on my cereal!  No, I didn't eat it - couldn't bear the thought.
Then since that chicken stock was waiting for me to do something with it, I proceeded to prepare some yummy onion soup. I grabbed the pepper shaker, and instead of sprinkling pepper, I absentmindedly unscrewed the top and dumped the pepper in! I removed as much as I could, but a taste test tells me I will have to call this "onion-pepper soup."
And the day is only half over ....


  1. Well, Felicia, my dear.... I have more than a few whoppers that could easily top those, but I choose to be absentminded when it comes to recalling the events! Have a great day -- hey, you never know what new invention you may come up with when these things happen!!


  2. Lisa, the only new invention I'm thinking of is a new brain!! Thanks for stopping by!


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