Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ending the Year on a Stupid Note and an After-Christmas Sale

 OK, I'm telling on myself.  I did two stupid things in the last few days that ate up time I intended to spend on more important things.

First, I wanted to set up some after-Christmas sales in my shops. I had not used it before, but I went to to use their "edit express" function.  I should have checked the etsy forums about the function before I used it.  I would have found out that it sometimes gets hung up while processing your instructions. And I might have found out that once it stops churning, it may default to some instruction that you didn't want, specifically the instruction to "match exactly" what I intended to put "at the beginning" of my item descriptions.  But, alas, I didn't check the forums.  What happened? It blew away ALL of my descriptions from five pages of products!!  Yep, all of them. My advice - before you hit "save" make sure it's doing what you want it to do.

I am now on my second day of rewriting all of my descriptions in my anotherbrightidea shop.  I had been putting off revamping the entire shop; it really needed to be updated. So I guess this was a message from the universe to me:

Once burned, twice shy. I decided to try for my morebrightideas shop.  That went much better. All of my Christmas items are 20% off right now at morebrightideas.

So here's the second stupid thing I did this week.  I suffer from throat, nose, and eye dryness during the night in the winter.  I have my furnace humidifier turned up as much as I dare without causing ice dams at my upstairs windows. (Did that last year and it was a disaster!) So I now use a small humidifier in my bedroom.  It has a little plastic "funnel" at the top that directs the mist up toward the room. Like this:

However, after I filled it the other night, I forgot to put the little funnel on top. Here's what it did all night:
I awoke to a mess - everything on my dresser and everything in the general vicinity was soaking wet! I spent the morning mopping up and drying everything. 

I'm glad this all happened at the end of 2010 and not at the beginning of 2011. I would hate to start the year that way and have that kind of klutzy luck for the entire new year.

I hope your year is winding down nicely and that you're gearing up for your New Year's celebration!


  1. Thanks for the smiles as always! And I have to make sure I understood correctly, Craftopolis has a function to edit *descriptions*? I knew about their options to edit titles and prices and that you have to watch closely and save periodically (I too learned this the hard way :)) I'd love to be able to multi edit my cards. And did you know that you can also multi edit tags at to remove or add in Etsy on Sale?
    Have a Happy New Year my friend, if I don't "see" you before!

  2. Oh no.hehe. At least you have the sense of humor to just laugh about it!
    Happy New Year!

  3. Stef - I answered you privately. The short answer is that you can add something at the beginning or end of your description, or totally replace the description. Fine if that's what you want to do - in my case, that's NOT what I wanted to do!

    Hi Jen - I have to laugh - life would be awfully sad if we didn't have the capacity to laugh at ourselves!

    Happy New Year to you both!


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