Monday, December 13, 2010

The Big Snow Job

Although here in Michigan we haven't been hit as badly as Minnesota and points north and west of us, this weekend we did have a big snow and below zero temps which turned roads into sheets of ice. When we have a particular snow like this one, heavy and wet, it coats every tree branch and everything else it touches to create a stunning winter wonderland indeed. Unfortunately, it also creates treacherous conditions on the roads. It always amazes me that something so beautiful can be so dangerous.  

Another thing that amazes me is that the urge to capture that winter beauty will make me venture out there voluntarily to take pictures! I froze my patooties but I got some pix!  Enjoy!

Majestic evergreens ...

Who can resist red berries against the snow ... 

These trees sit at the corner of my street. I take photos of them in every season.

The street where I live ...

I did have to get to a medical appointment early this morning and I breathed a silent thank you for the all-wheel drive and anti-lock brakes on my Saturn Vue. Nevertheless, I took my life in my hands to snap some Blackberry photos of the trip home.

Now that I'm home, this is what I plan to do until I absolutely have to leave the house!  


  1. Vos photos sont absolument exceptionnels ... Une véritable beauté.
    Vos baies rouges illuminent la blancheur de la neige et votre toutou a l'air de vraiment apprécier sa couche!

  2. Merci, Martine. I'm happy that you like my photos.

  3. Sorry I'm just now getting to your blog (I've been sick) but the wait was WELL worth it- these are stunning! I KNOW you'll be offering them as cards in your shop, right? I love the evergreen one, but the snow crusted berries are my favorite!


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