Sunday, November 28, 2010

What a Weekend!

I was lucky to get two Thanksgiving meals this weekend without cooking a thing!  Two of my nephews hosted dinner on Thursday AND on Friday.  I had a great time with my nephews, spouses, friends, kids and one gorgeous black  Greyhound - a rescued racing dog.  The kids of course are growing like weeds and have all passed me up in height. (Not hard to do, though - I'm pretty short!)

On Saturday I put up my tree and decorated the house. I seriously toyed with the idea of not even setting up a tree.  Since I no longer host our family Christmas party, some of the fun of decorating has faded for me.  And with my bad back those bazillion trips up and down the stairs take their toll. I think I will look during post-Christmas sales for a small tabletop tree and seriously scale down next year.

I did sort through and fill three boxes of decorations that will go to a friend of mine who collects used Christmas decorations. Her church sells them and uses the money to buy gifts and clothing for children who have a parent in prison.  I think that's a unique charity, and with as much Christmas "stuff" as I have I'm able to donate some every year.

Now it's back to business: Reviewing my etsy shops for listings and holiday offers, making my Christmas cards (choosing the idea is the hardest part), and all those other holiday chores.

How was your weekend? Crazy or fun? Or both at the same time? 

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