Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My New Shop and a Tutorial

 I mentioned earlier that I am in the process of splitting up my two shops. I now have anotherbrightidea AND
morebrightideas.  I suppose they're not such brilliant names, but I wanted the two shops to have some relationship with each other so hopefully it helps people to remember them.

I have been working from dark to dark (until we go off daylight savings it's still dark in the morning here) to get work transferred over and listed in the new shop.  And as usual, I'm behind schedule on Christmas items.  I always have good intentions of planning way ahead for each holiday, but ....   In fact, every year after Christmas I keep all my trims and supplies out, thinking I'll work on products while I'm still in the holiday mood.  Then come around May, having gone off on other projects and tripping over all those supplies, I pack everything up and store it, vowing to pull it out early and FOR SURE TO GET A HEAD START ON THE HOLIDAYS.  Right.  So here I am - scrambling once again.

I also always intend to take photos of ongoing projects so I can post some tutorials but I get all wrapped up in what I'm doing and  forget.  This time, however, I did remember to document my latest recycle/upcycle project.  So here goes!

Like most artists/crafters, I save things.  "I'm going to do something with that some day."  Which is why I still had some spindles from book shelves I used 25 years a long time ago.  I had a small Christmas angel ornament made of wood pieces that was given to me by a friend, and I really liked it.

So that was my inspiration to finally do something with those spindles.  I first cut the spindles down to various sizes. 

I drew some angel wings free-hand and made a paper template. I cut them out of thin wood with my band saw.

You can see that some of the spindles were in rough shape since they had been painted over several times. So I sanded, used wood filler if necessary, and gave them all a coat of primer.

I had some unfinished wood stars so those went on the front of the angels.

Now the mess starts!  Are you like me? I pull EVERYTHING out and I pile so much on my work table that I end up working in a space about 8 inches square!  ( I dream of a studio with standing height tables ALL AROUND THE ROOM. But I digress ....)

I have quite a collection.  Will I ever use it all up??

When I have some little things to spray paint and/or glitter, I use a floral foam block.  I just strung a wire around these pine cones, stuck them in the foam and spray painted them all around. The wire allowed me to hold them while I glittered them, then back to the foam to dry.  Works pretty well.

Here we go a-gluing ... a-gluing ... a-gluing ....

 Here I'm just starting to glue the decorations on the front star.  No secret technique here, except that I start on the outside and work toward the middle and keep tucking in pieces until it's good and full.  The ribbon bow is usually the last thing I add.

"Ready for my closeup."  

Now the not-so-much-fun part: taking photos, editing them for listing, and actually listing them in my shop.  So tedious!

I have a few pieces left over that I hope will turn into some candle pedestals, but they're not quite finished yet.  I'm pleased with how these angels turned out.  I hope other people like them as well.

The finished angels are listed in my shop now - stop by and take a look.  Here's a sampling of what's there.

 Here's the littlest angel - just 4-1/2 inches high.

Are you working on a holiday tutorial that you would like to post here? Send me an email: a-b-i@comcast.net.

Batten down the hatches - it's holiday time!


  1. Beautiful work - they're so cute :) Very creative upcycling idea - thanks for showing us your creative process!
    And congrats on the opening of your new shop!



  4. Absolutely darling angels.But where on earth to find the spindles cheap?

  5. Janet, new ones would be pricey. Try resale shops, Habitat for Humanity shops, junk shops, garage sales, Craigslist. You might get lucky (and you might have to "separate" the spindles from a piece of furniture. :) Think outside the box!) Thanks for visiting!

  6. Beautiful. Love the ones with red ribbon, they look more 'Christmassy" to me. I wish I had seen this a couple years ago, I had spindles and all I could imagine were snowmen, lol.


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