Sunday, November 28, 2010

Don't forget....

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What a Weekend!

I was lucky to get two Thanksgiving meals this weekend without cooking a thing!  Two of my nephews hosted dinner on Thursday AND on Friday.  I had a great time with my nephews, spouses, friends, kids and one gorgeous black  Greyhound - a rescued racing dog.  The kids of course are growing like weeds and have all passed me up in height. (Not hard to do, though - I'm pretty short!)

On Saturday I put up my tree and decorated the house. I seriously toyed with the idea of not even setting up a tree.  Since I no longer host our family Christmas party, some of the fun of decorating has faded for me.  And with my bad back those bazillion trips up and down the stairs take their toll. I think I will look during post-Christmas sales for a small tabletop tree and seriously scale down next year.

I did sort through and fill three boxes of decorations that will go to a friend of mine who collects used Christmas decorations. Her church sells them and uses the money to buy gifts and clothing for children who have a parent in prison.  I think that's a unique charity, and with as much Christmas "stuff" as I have I'm able to donate some every year.

Now it's back to business: Reviewing my etsy shops for listings and holiday offers, making my Christmas cards (choosing the idea is the hardest part), and all those other holiday chores.

How was your weekend? Crazy or fun? Or both at the same time? 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Blog Special

Sorry I'm so late in posting this, but I'm offering all my blog readers a coupon code for my shop, Anotherbrightidea, starting immediately and running through Cyber Monday til midnight.  

During checkout, insert this code:  BLOG4ABI

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Happy shopping this weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Two New Treasuries

One of my newest photographs is appearing in this gorgeous treasury of artwork by members of VAST (Visual Artists Street Team).   It was created by team member Lillith a shop full of gorgeous photography!  The treasury is called Amazing Bending of Light and Patina.  Quite a few of my favorite artists are in the treasury.  Lovely.  Just lovely.

 And speaking of lovely, look at the delicious colors in this treasury - Lovely Shades of Apricot.  It includes my Hope for a New Beginning digital collage.  The treasury was created by Dollsandbunnies, a shop full of just what it says.  SO cute!!

We Have a Winner!

We have a winner for a vintage silk rosette from Mitziscollectibles.   The winner is:

Congratulations!  I'll be in touch with you.  Thanks to all who participated, and welcome to all of our new visitors.  And of course, once again, a big thank you to Mitzi for letting us get to know her and all her beautiful work!

Monday, November 22, 2010

New Seasonal Photographs

I have been feeling sorry for my original shop, Anotherbrightidea, because all my time and attention has been devoted to getting the new shop, Morebrightideas, set up.  So I went back to my "work in progress" folder and finished some new seasonally appropriate photographs.  These are my original photographs, of course, and just slightly altered in Photoshop.  I really love working in Photoshop, although I'll be the first to admit it's a bit like wandering in the desert trying to figure out where I'm going.  There's just so much available in the program that I don't think I will ever know all of it.  Probably nobody ever will!  Anyway, I work at it as best I can.  Here's the latest.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Two New Treasuries

It just goes to show ya - you never know what is going to click with people in this wonderful world of Etsy.  My little aqua Christmas house has made it into two more treasuries. This makes five treasuries for that little guy in the last few days.  I wish I knew the secret to this kind of attraction - I would use it in all my art, that's for sure! In the meantime, thanks to everyone who features my work in their treasuries.  Sweet!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Five New Treasuries!

I am fortunate to be featured in a lot of treasuries lately.  I love to see the collections that others put together, plus it gives me a chance to discover so many new Etsy artists.  The variety and talent is unlimited! 

I just listed these little Christmas houses yesterday and they immediately popped up in a few treasuries.  I don't know what it is with me and these little houses, but I have quite a few listed in my shop. The triangle pieces were left over from a program I produced back when I was still working. I think these little houses are cute and would look adorable sitting on a shelf or table or mixed in with other decorations during the holidays.  A third treasury also featured one of my vintage wooden blocks, another little obsession. Scroll down to see the information about the treasuries, listed in no particular order.



Monday, November 15, 2010

In the Michigan Studio with Mitzi's Collectibles and a Giveaway

I'm in the Michigan Studio today with Mitzi Curi, and like me you are going to wonder how she finds the time to do everything she does.  It makes me tired just reading about it!  Take a look:

Your name: Mitzi Curi
Other art shop(s): I sell antiques and some of my creations using vintage materials at the Antiques Market of Williamston, in Williamston, Michigan, and the Livingston Antique Outlet in Howell, Michigan.

FK:Where in Michigan do you live? Did you grow up there or someplace else? 
I was born and raised in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.  It’s now well-known for the Native American casino and resort called the Soaring Eagle.  It’s also well-known for Central Michigan University.  When I was a kid, things were much different in Mt. Pleasant than they are now. I like to think my years in Mt. Pleasant were like living in Mayberry from the Andy Griffith Show. I have great memories of walking to the Five and Dime to buy some embroidery floss for a special project, or going to the downtown drugstore to have a soda at the old fashioned lunch counter and soda fountain.
When I was in grade school my parents became antique aficionados, and I accompanied them on many buying trips around Michigan.  Our home was decorated with a wonderful array of mostly primitive antiques.  Eventually, they started an antiques shop in our garage as a part time business.  I learned a lot about antiques and acquired a love of collecting from my folks.

FK: You now live in an area I'm very familiar with. I lived in Lansing for 10 years and attended both Lansing Community College and Michigan State University, where I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. 

I've lived in East Lansing since 1987. East Lansing is home to Michigan State University since1855, when the Michigan legislature established the agricultural college of the State of Michigan. As the first agricultural college in the United States, the school served as a prototype for future Land Grant institutions under the Morrill Act enacted during President Abraham Lincoln's tenure. The school's first class graduated in 1861 right after the onset of the Civil War. 


East Lansing is - big surprise - east of Lansing, the State Capitol of Michigan. Our beautiful Capitol building was lit up in pink last month for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

 Living in the "middle of the mitten" also makes it convenient to hit the road and go up North or to the Detroit area, or even to Chicago on occasion.

My husband and I bought a home 12 years ago in one of the older neighborhoods of East Lansing. 

We enjoy the close proximity to Michigan State University, with all of the excitement of the activities and the beauty of the campus. 

FK: You know MSU has a beautiful campus when it once got me to go out in a minus 20 degree ice storm to take pictures! How is the area around there for antiques?

It's pretty good "pickins" for antiques. I get most of my shop inventory from auctions within about a 60-mile radius of East Lansing. Each weekend I plot and plan to find treasures to sell or use in my craft projects.

FK: Do you have an art education background? Or are you self taught? How did you get started?
I attended CMU in Mt. Pleasant for college and grad school.  I majored in Psychology and had an art minor.  As I worked my way through my 20's and 30's as a school psychologist, I took art and architecture classes at Lansing Community College  just to keep learning and creating.  

FK: Tell me about your etsy shop.

My Etsy shop sells “Vintage and Handmade Treasures from the Midwest." This includes my avante-garde jewelry designs, such as pendants made from furniture hardware and old municipal badges ...

... rosette corsages made from vintage and new materials ...


 and flapper girl figurines modeled after old carnival prizes. 


FK: Tell me about your creative life. Where do you do your art – studio, spare bedroom?
I consider myself equal parts blogger, artist/crafter, and business owner.  I’m not sure which activity is the most enjoyable for me.  I love it all! The blog was started to promote my Etsy shop, but it has morphed into a creation that I am really proud of and enjoy immensely.  I also like the challenge of running a business.
The best gift my husband has ever given me was agreeing to convert our rarely used dining room into my full time studio.  I make a huge mess in there every day and don’t need to clean up unless I want to, which is awesome!  I get inspired every morning by getting online around 5:30 a.m., blog hopping and viewing some of the creations around the web, or from pictures on Flickr. Other inspiration comes from shopping antique malls and flea markets.  I’ll get an idea, such as covering a vintage suitcase with old wallpaper, and run to my studio and get working.

I’m a “hoarder” of vintage supplies such as ribbons, fabric, and wallpaper.  My ever-growing stash takes up a lot of space, but I love having access to these wonderful materials that you can’t just go to a craft store and purchase.  Besides that, using vintage materials is a pretty “green” way to re-purpose old things and use them in our modern lifestyle.

Many of my creations end up for sale at one of the antique malls, along with my vintage finds that I mostly acquire through auctions.  I love the challenge of “the hunt”, and have sold everything from an old coffin to Steiff toy animals, hats full of millinery blossoms to bedroom sets of painted cottage style furniture.  I never know what’s around the next corner, and trying to get things for a good price is always a challenge.

FK: What part of being an artist is the most gratifying to you? What part of being an artist is hardest for you, or that you dislike the most? 
I love getting into the creative “zone” for hours on end, then sitting back and admiring what I made.  I really consider myself more of a “crafter” than an “artist.” I’m learning that teaching others how to create something special is really fun too.  What’s even more gratifying is selling something I made to someone who appreciates it.
There isn’t really anything negative about being an “artist” for me, but maybe that’s because I’m not trying to earn a living at it.  If that were the case, I think the lack of money would be the biggest negative! 

FK: What do you do when you’re not being an artist? What activities do you enjoy?

I’m a full time school psychologist in Lansing.  All of my creative life - including managing my various antique mall spaces, my Etsy shop, and my blog - occurs when I get home from work and on the weekends.  We also have generous summer vacation time, and that’s when I switch into high gear creatively.  I enjoy visiting antique malls and resale shops around Michigan, always looking for cool stuff or inspiration. 

Spending time with my husband and two dogs, Chauncey and Cheswick, is about the only other activity I’m interested in.  I’m what you would call “driven”.  I need reminders to stop and smell the roses from time to time.  I’ve planted several rose bushes in my backyard to remind myself of this!

FK: Well, Mitzi, I think this interview has given us all a chance to stop and smell the roses while reading about you and seeing all the beautiful work you create.  

Now, tell us about what some lucky reader is going to win.

I would like to offer the winner their choice of one of my vintage silk flower rosettes. I have several designs listed in my shop. 

That's great. They are so lovely! Here's what everyone has to do to be entered in the drawing.


You will have several chances to be entered into the random drawing. Each one must be entered as a separate comment.  

First entry: Visit Mitzi's shop or blog, come back here, and enter a comment about your favorite piece(s). 

Second entry: Enter a comment if you have signed up to follow Mitzi's blog (or comment if you already follow).

Third entry: Enter a comment if you have signed up to follow Mitzi's Facebook page.
Fourth entry: Enter a comment that you signed up to follow my blog (or comment that you already follow).

Fifth entry: Enter a comment that you signed up as a fan on my Facebook page (or comment that you are already a fan).

That's five chances to enter for the random drawing!  I will use random generator to pick a winner after 12 noon EST on

Tuesday, November 23.

New Treasury

My Sky Blue Pinecone Wreath is featured in a treasury called I'll have a blue ... blue blue blue Christmas.  It was created by GoneTheSun, a vintage shop.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

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