Friday, October 29, 2010

I Can't Believe I Did the Whole Thing!

Well, I'm still in the process of doing the whole thing ... it's going to take more than a minute, because Etsy doesn't make it real easy.  I hinted that I was thinking of opening a second shop and splitting up my products:

So I just went and did it the other day.  It was not without a few hiccups. There's no easy way to transfer products from one shop to the other.  I thought I could keep both shops open in my browser so I could copy/paste what I could and then follow along with formatted pages.  No dice.

For those of you thinking of doing this, here's a warning.  After a lot of swearing and stops and starts, I came to the conclusion that because both sites originate from the same IP address, whenever I clicked on another page in one shop it would default to the other site!  It was mass confusion.  I even tried clearing my cache, opening them in separate browsers, etc., but nothing worked and I gave up.  I ended up taking screen shots and copying every product I was going to move,  I then de-listed them in my first shop, and I'm now in the process of redoing them in my new shop.  I'm trying to go as fast as I can because I have new products I want to list.


My first shop, anotherbrightidea, will keep my digital collages, photographs, greeting cards, notecards, posters and ACEOs.

My new shop, morebrightideas, will have upcycled and recycled products, home decor, and holiday crafts. My popular wreaths will be there and almost all of the holiday crafts I create.  I'm chained to my desk today to get it all done. I'm already running into a number of places where I will have to adjust and/or add my new shop. Oh well, I knew it would be work! 

I'm happy, though, that someone searching for treasury items found my robin's egg blue wreath that I just put in the new shop last night.  

It's called Before First Frost and was created by CozyCaterpillar, a brand new shop with all things baby and toddler.  

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