Saturday, September 25, 2010

Two New Treasuries

I think Autumn is arguably the most visually exciting season of the year. Everywhere you look the vibrancy of the fall colors is stunning and breathtaking.  Two of my babies - an ACEO and a wreath - are very popular choices for the treasuries the Etsy family creates. I'm so grateful and pleased every time they are chosen.  Shown below are two more gorgeous treasuries including my work. 

Four Apples ACEO
Autumn Scented Wreath
 Here's Caramel Apple Craving and now I'm definitely craving a caramel apple! It was created by buttonsoupjewelry.  What a delightful shop - yes, jewelry made from buttons.  Really cute!

The other treasury is Falling in Love with Fall and includes my wreath.  It was created by SeaStarBeads, a member of Etsy who doesn't have a seller shop (yet?).


  1. Une très belle manière d'accueillir madame Automne... Bises

  2. lovely!! Summer ended a few days ago but we are just feeling the fall season...


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