Friday, September 17, 2010


Sometimes little unexpected things happen - so delightful, so fleeting, so uplifting, that it makes you smile.  I have had a series of these little things lately, so I’m smiling a lot. 

One of them had to do with something I sold on Ebay.  I had only recently discovered that this particular item is a sought-after collectible, so after 10 days on Ebay it sold for a surprising amount of money.  I’m still in shock over that one!  And I’m smiling, because I’ll be able to start a savings account for the extra expenses I’ll be sure to have next year when I go out of town for back surgery.   

The other unexpected happening was an Etsy custom order for two of my pine cone wreaths.  It was such a satisfying experience - in my back and forth emails with the buyer I found a very special person with the most delightful personality.  She gave me such a boost because she was so excited about the project, and when she received the wreaths she made sure that I knew how pleased she was.  Her delight with the purchase just came through so strongly that I’m still smiling at the serendipity of it all.   As she put it, “Goodness, this transaction has been so much more than just "a buy"....”  She sent me this photo of the installation.  How great is that??  I’ll be smiling about this one for a long time to come!  Thank you, Ms. P.   


  1. How wonderful this post is! I needed a little positive energy this morning and, well, thanks for the smile on my face Felicia :D

    Your wreaths are lovely (one of my fave colors is aqua/turquoise) and what a gr8 thing that your client sent you a beautiful photo of your work! On my way to have a blessed day on Kauai - God bless...Dava

  2. Dear Ms Felicia~I cannot express in words the joy to have such lovelies grace our space. They were to go on our office doors, but we have fallen in love with them and they will indeed reside as Christmas Welcome Wreaths on our little cottage home. We strive to have more than mass manufactured "things" adorn our home, we take great pride in our vintage finds, family treasures and heirlooms. Your "art" has now become a part of our family's life.
    We are ever grateful for all you have done to help my dreams come true...
    And send you prayers for the days ahead!
    Ms P

  3. I'm happy this made you smile, Dava.
    And you, Ms. P, you continue to make me smile. I'm so pleased that you will have the wreaths in your cottage home! And I am deeply grateful for your prayers for my trying days to come. Thank you!


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