Wednesday, September 22, 2010


 Do you have Another Bright Idea? 
I know I’m not the only artist/crafter whose brain is constantly filled with new ideas. I actually chose my shop name because of this constant onslaught of images. Alas, some of these bright ideas never make it out of my head.  Some do, but fail miserably during the actual process of creation. I don’t understand why it doesn’t look as gorgeous as it did in the recesses of my brain!  Fortunately, sometimes my ideas work just as I imagined, and – hallelujah – sometimes even better than I imagined.

When I look at other artists’ work – yes, that’s you - I see so many bright ideas that I struggle not to lose my creative courage. Sometimes these creatively beautiful pieces just take my breath away and I want to know "how did you do that?"  I especially love reading tutorials, how-tos, stories of how someone came upon a technique or effect by accident and then capitalized on it. 

So here’s a call for artists - I would like to hear from you and feature your bright idea right here.  If you have a blog and have written a tutorial, let me know. If you have a special technique that you developed and would like to share it on my blog, let me know.  If you had a “happy accident” and ran with it, let me know. Photos will be a bonus. I will consider all of your submissions and choose the best to feature here. If you want to offer a giveaway along with your story, that’s an even bigger bonus! The biggest responses to my blog are for the giveaways – we all like something for free, especially a special piece of art from a talented artist.  Please note: I have to say that I’m not interested in just a link to something in your shop; I’m looking for a story.  Understand, it doesn’t have to be revolutionary, just …. another bright idea!

Email me at: and tell me your story!

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