Monday, August 16, 2010

Pushing the seasons

One of my minor gripes (there's certainly bigger things that bug me) is the way the retail stores push the seasons. You know what I mean - every holiday or season is on display months ahead of time.  Autumn and Thanksgiving supplies have been on the shelves since - July? - right after they put away the Red-White-Blue for Independence Day, probably.  As a small shop owner for awhile many years ago, I can somewhat sympathize. We did the same thing - since we were going to go through so much work to clear/move the old stuff, might as well kill two birds with one stone and put up the new stuff right away.  Otherwise, everything looked too bare.  Even with that said, however, I still don't care for the practice.

Where's all this come from? My etsy shop, of course. I am just now working on 2011 calendars while everyone else already has theirs out there. I really have a hard time thinking so far ahead. Now everyone is already pushing Fall items.  I know when I'm fighting a losing battle, so today I posted these three ACEOs.  They happen to be three of my favorite photos, so that eases my pain a little!

They are also available as larger matted photos. Just contact me for a custom listing.

Autumn Joy ACEO

Four Apples ACEO
Sunflowers Reaching for the Sun

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