Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Computer Madness!

I apologize for my sporadic posts here. I am in computer hell, between an old computer that died again and a new computer that is sick (yes, a new computer) and I'm waiting for the manufacturer's tech to arrive with a new part - I know not what part. This for a computer I have owned for exactly 10 days!  In the meantime, I'm unable to access a few critical programs like Photoshop, and it won't even let me access my own photos on an external drive. So I can't even post any pretty pictures. 

I really hate not being in control.  You too?? I will not name the brand yet ... I'm giving them a chance to make it all right.  In the meantime, bear with me ....


  1. Yuppers. They drive me crazy. My new computer has been in the shop several times and wouldn't start today.

  2. Well, Diana, they replaced my hard drive today, now I have to re-install everything I spent the last 10 days installing. I have such a headache!

    Hope your computer problems get solved soon.


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