Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ahhhh ... relax ...

I am sitting and relaxing for the first time in weeks.  It has been a pressure cooker of one kind or another for the past month and a half, and the condo-wide yard sale today was the last big deadline.

I think a lot of my online artist friends are in the same boat - seems everyone has been overwhelmed with responsibilities of one kind or another this summer. Of course, something inevitably falls by the wayside, in my case, this blog ... my Etsy shop ...  cleaning house ... creating new work ... and relaxing.  

So ... just for now, I'm forgetting about the totally trashed studio, the boxes of unsold yard sale items, the messy house.  I'm going to have a glass of wine, watch some mindless television, and hopefully get a good night's sleep.  There's time enough tomorrow to clean up and slip back into a more normal routine.   

You too??


  1. Felicia, I so hear you there!

    I started blogging in January of this year and have never known the responsibility of blogging through a summer with kids...

    I ended up needing to just decide to take some time away from my week the kids are back in I'll be back to my routine!


    you take your time..and when you're recharged enough you'll know it!

    I'll be here when you're ready!
    thanks for coming by to see me!

    ciao bella


  2. Thanks, Carmelina - Today I'm back, shoveling out my studio from all the chaos left over from the previous deadlines.

    Sounds like you and I both are back in the groove!


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