Thursday, July 1, 2010


Are you expecting to see the July Charades contest?  Sorry. I decided to take a break from the monthly charades contest because, quite frankly, I'm a little burned out on the game. I just couldn't come up with a theme  that worked.  But I had an idea on how to celebrate the Fourth of July weekend:

A BIG SALE!! (And I mean BIG.)
I'm having a sale just like all the big box stores do every holiday weekend!  

Between today and July Fourth -
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday only -

Buy one item from my shop - get 10% off the total purchase price.

Buy two items from my shop - get 20% off the total purchase price.

Buy three items from my shop - get 30% off the total purchase price.

Buy four items from my shop - get 40% off the total purchase price.

When you make your purchase, add "blog sale" in your "Notes to Seller" and the discount will be refunded to you as well as any excess shipping costs over $1.00.   This sale applies to everything in my shop.  

To give you some ideas, here's some suggested combinations:


-  OR -



 - OR -


- OR -


Sets of Four Notecards Each

- OR -

Or put together any combination of artwork that speaks to you - everything is included!  If you have had your eye on something in my shop, now's your chance.  But remember, four days only.  Then on Monday you can rest!


  1. good luck with your sale! Beautiful pieces :D Hope you have a wonderful weekend

  2. Thanks, lady! Best to you for the weekend also.


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