Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Garden Bench

I'm just getting around to posting my project from a few weeks ago.  I spent a week refinishing my garden bench. Why a week? Well, each step needed time to dry. The temperatures were in the 90s all week, with equal humidity. And it rained almost every night. It was a heck of a week!

Anyway, I have had this garden bench for quite a number of years, and I love it. Since I live in a condo, it has to stay outside during our Michigan winters. I protect it as much as I can, but with the weather and bird poop and other garden stuff like that, it was in pretty bad shape.

Here it is before I started my project:

The first steps were to scrub it clean and strip it. Messy job!

I then used a good wood cleaner and sanded it all down.
I had originally planned to stain the bench, but some of the wood was in pretty bad shape and I had to replace a piece that was broken off.  So I decided to fix some of the damage with wood putty and paint the bench rather than stain.  I chose an outdoor paint color called "Cordovan."  I also used rust converter and gloss black paint on the wrought iron slats.

Here's the final result:

Now that my garden bench looks so lovely, my storage box/bench looked way too shabby, so I kept going and cleaned it up as well:

I added some quick stenciling to the flip top.

Done!  It's now ready for me to sit and relax while enjoying my coffee and morning paper. Now if it will only stop raining and if I can keep the birds from pooping on my new and improved bench!

Have you done any refinishing projects lately?  Send along some photos and I'll post!


  1. Wow what a gorgeous job- now I want one....:)

  2. Thanks, Stephanie. I love the bench and I'm pleased at how it turned out. Sure was a messy job, though.

  3. WOW! I loved the bench in the before photos...but the end result is truly excellently beautiful! Nice job Felicia...

  4. Thanks, Janet. I do love that bench - so glad it turned out well.

  5. Felicia, this is really wonderful. I love how rich it looks, well donem great tutorial!

  6. Thanks, Kate. Coming from you that's high praise indeed! Your makeovers are to die for!

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