Saturday, July 17, 2010

Do I Need an Intervention?

Well, I'm back at the library catching up with my online business and pleasure. Ordered my new computer last night.  All my pleading and begging did no good: it will still take at minimum 3-5 business days before they ship. And then I have to get a tech support person to access my old hard drive and retrieve what I can as well as help me reconfigure the new machine.  I am so used to having access that I am totally lost right now. So many times I start going toward the computer to do something or look up something and then ... nope, can't do that.

The only other time I remember feeling so empty and out of sorts was when I was in between moves for a few months and everything I owned except my clothes was in storage.  I hadn't realized at the time how much my meager possessions meant to me. 

I suppose the only positive about this is with  the free time I have for a few days I hope to be able to do some major sorting out in my home. As I have mentioned before, I have too much "stuff" and it's time to create something with it, donate it, give it away, or throw it away. I may put together a few more "craft boxes" for my little nieces and nephews.  Which reminds me of a cute story my niece told me recently.

She has three lovely boys, all with their own distinctly different but delightful personalities.  Her oldest, the one she calls her "overachiever," woke up one morning all excited and eager to get to the craft box I gave the boys for Christmas.  (It was simply a collection of papers, ribbons, doodads, beads, buttons ... and they love it.)  She told him that was fine, he could play with the craft box after he finished breakfast. Well, he was so excited he could barely contain himself, and he said he couldn't wait to play with the new stuff.  New stuff?? Yes, the new stuff Auntie Felicia brought over last night!  Ahhh.  My niece had to explain gently to her son that Auntie Felicia didn't bring anything over last night; he had DREAMED it all! How sweet is that??  (And it also made me feel a little guilty - so I think it's time for a few more craft box collections!)

Hope you're having a great weekend!  Stay cool!

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