Thursday, July 8, 2010

Christmas in July Sale - Because I Must!

Ever since I decided that I will have another back surgery next year with a LONG recuperation during which time I can't BLT (bend, lift, twist) or do anything even remotely strenuous, my to-do list has grown by leaps and bounds. I want to declutter my home and get all those projects done that have been waiting for me for ... oh .... I don't know ... years??  

The biggest clutter is in my studio - there's hardly any floor space left. It looks even worse than that cartoon above.  So once again I'm going to try to (1) sell more stuff, (2) throw out more stuff, (3) donate more stuff.

Here's number 1:


Everything in my shop is included
for the ENTIRE MONTH of July:

Buy one item - get 10% off the total purchase price

Buy two items - get 20% off the total purchase price

Buy three items - get 30% off the total purchase price

Buy four items - get 40% off the total purchase price

No special code required; anything purchased before July 31 will get the discount.  The discount and any excess shipping costs paid will be refunded to you as soon as I ship your order.

Think about your home decor. Think birthdays, weddings, Christmas gifts.  Even better, think about "me" gifts for yourself ... you deserve it!

Did I mention it's all month long?

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