Tuesday, June 15, 2010


In spite of my mis-steps with the June Charades contest, we now have some winners.  The correct answers are:

1. American Beauty
2. The Piano
3. Forrest Gump
4. Wag the Dog
5. Silence of the Lambs
6. Titanic
7. Fargo
8. Dances With Wolves

The first person to guess ALL the movies is:

The winner of the random drawing is:
Terry Mac!

And ... I'm going to send a special gift package to lolamichele as well.  She was the first one to clue me in that I had made a mistake, and then when she returned to take another guess for the correct 90s movies, she got them all right but SHE MISSED #7!    AAARRRGGHHHHHH!!! So I think she deserves a special gift for all the grief I put her through.

Thanks to all who hung in there and played the game.  I'll try to put my brain in gear for the next one!


  1. XD thank you so much! I even knew that #7 was fargo. :l can't believe I missed that one. Thanks for the consolation prize. Can't wait.

  2. Thanks again! :)

  3. I received my prize today. thank you so much. XD love the cards.


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