Thursday, June 10, 2010

Reaching for the Sun

Here in Michigan, as in most other places this spring/summer, weather has been all over the map.  Sunny, hot, humid; dark, rainy, windy, stormy. Then on some days it's an absolutely gorgeous, sunny perfect summer day. Those the the days you wait for!

All the rain we have had helps my garden - so far, everything's coming up roses ... and daisies ... and clematis ... and lilies ... well, you get the picture.  I so enjoy my  pocket garden and I can't avoid taking tons of pictures and creating something with them. 

Someone once told me I had too many flowers in my Etsy shop. Ever since then, I have been sensitive to that, and although I try to vary my listings, I can't resist when I have a gorgeous flower photo that takes my breath away!

So that's my story with a photographic series I'm developing now called "Reaching for the Sun." Here's the first two. It's a little softer and more subtle than my usual colorful work but, personally, I'm lovin' it. 

To coin a phrase, if the artist ain't happy, nobody is. Just sayin'. What do you think? Too many flowers?


  1. Oh, I LOVE your new series, and *I* personally don't think you have many flowers in your shop- I DO like the way you're offering more variety though. These are gorgeous, and I look forward to seeing the rest of the series!

  2. Very Pretty. I like the softness of these. Very Pretty!


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