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How it works: Each photo below stands by itself to represent a movie from the top 100 movies of the 1990s. There's eight movies in total. 

The rules: You need to guess the movie titles for each one.

The prizes: The first person to correctly guess all eight movies and a second winner selected by random number generator from all comments submitted will receive their choice of 4 notecards of my floral photos taken in Hawaii (see samples below).  (Are you sick of Hawaii yet? Never ...!)

Want to increase your odds? You can be entered in the drawing up to four times: (1) Take your guesses in one comment (only one guess entry per person), (2) In a separate comment, tell me your favorite image from one or more of these shops, (3) In a separate comment, tell me you signed up to follow my blog (or that you already follow), (4) In a separate comment, tell me you became a fan (or that you are already following) of my facebook page: www.facebook.com/anotherbrightidea.

(More than four comments from the same person will not be counted.)

This contest will run until JUNE 15.


Time Frame:  1990s






Two winners: Your choice of four cards from the samples below.



  1. Hi Felicia..just stopping by. You have the most enticing photographs!

  2. Love the plumeria and heliconia but ALL of them are gorgeous!

    Great job!!

  3. These pics of hawaiian flowers are beautiful! Brings back memories of when I visited Hawaii in my youth! Would love to win your note cards! So I signed up to follow your blog.

    terrymac1a at hotmail dot com

  4. I am also a fan on facebook.

    terrymac1a at hotmail dot com

  5. My favourite image, other than your flower pictures, but I believe you mean of the 8 featured pictures, is of course, the box of chocolates!

    terrymac1a at hotmail dot com

  6. I believe I have at least most of the correct Movie titles for your pictures, as follows:
    1. Supergirl 1984
    2. My Old Piano 1980 with Diana Ross
    3. Choclate!
    4. either An American Tail (1986) or All Dogs Go To Heaven (1989)
    5. Silence of the Lambs
    6. Overboard 1987
    7. Fargo
    8. Wolfan 1981

    Hope these are the ones you picked too!

    terrymac1a at hotmail dot com

  7. Hi Terry, Welcome!
    Thanks for following, and for taking a guess at the movies.

  8. tootsie, big, chocolat, the fox and the hound, brazil, sea of love, indiana jones, silver bullet.

    not sure about the lamb one, but I know it can't be silence of the lambs since that one was 1991

  9. american beauty, the paino, forrest gump, wag the dog, silence of the lambs, titanic, and dances with wolves. thanks for the reply. :)



    boswife at gamil dot com

  10. Saving Private Ryan, The Piano, Forrest Gump, Wag the Dog, Silence of the Lambs, Titanic, Fargo, Dances with wolves!

    I was lost when I tried to do the 80's LOL!

  11. Fun!

    1. American Beauty, 2. The Piano, 3. Forrest Gump , 4. Wag the Dog, 5. Silence of the Lambs, 6. Titanic, 7. Fargo, 8. Dances With Wolves

  12. Revised list for 1990's movies:
    1. 1999 American Beauty
    2. 1993 The Piano
    3. 1994 Forest Gump
    4. 1997 Wag The Dog
    5. 1991 Silence of the Lambs
    6. 1997 Titanic
    7. 1996 Fargo
    8. 1990 Dances with Wolves

    These I hope are all correct, now that I am in the 90's! lol
    terrymac1a at hotmail dot com


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