Tuesday, June 8, 2010

If I only had a brain ...

Are you expecting to see the winner of my June Charades contest? Well, I have to confess: I messed up big time!  Thanks to lolamichelle for cluing me in.  I said they were movies from the 80s - but they are movies from the 90s!!!   I couldn't figure out why more people weren't guessing and why the two people who did guess were off the mark, because I thought these were pretty easy.  Dumb me ....

OK, so to make up for it I'm going to run the contest for another week, until Tuesday, June 15.  Same game, same rules. And of course terry mac and lolamichelle can take another guess. I will count your entries from the first time as well.




  1. Haha! Ok, I was *massively* confused! I'll give it a go, now that I know for sure where the confusion was coming from.;)

  2. Oh, Cara - I'm sorry! I'm the one who's missing a few brain cells! Please try again.

  3. Ha ha! Don't worry about it. That's what too many "Sex on the Beach"'s will do to your brain!!


  4. Very funny, Lisa! That's what they say - alcohol kills the brain cells ...


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