Sunday, June 6, 2010

How does my garden grow?

Quite well, this year, thank you!  Every spring I'm giddy like a little kid when my garden starts springing to life. I run out first thing every morning to see what's happening and, yes, I have been known to talk to my plants!! LOL!  I came very late to gardening when I bought this condo. Up until then, I had lived in apartments and didn't have space to do much more than container gardening.

This year my sweet niece and her two daughters, my great-nieces (and they are great!) came to help me do some planting. That was a Christmas gift to me from them, and it was pretty funny, when we finished the planting, for them to wish me Merry Christmas in 85-degree heat and unbearable humidity! 

Here's some pix from our recent planting day:

They did a beautiful job!

We planted mostly annuals. I have lots of perennials, though. 

My tinkerbell lilac bloomed beautifully, as always.

I cut this white clematis back every year, but it comes up so full again that it can't get out of its own way!
I was so excited to see this iris, called Champagne Elegance. Something went wrong in the past with these guys because I haven't had blooms for two years.  I think the rhizomes were covered up too much when some family helped me out after my last surgery a few years ago. I hope I solved the problem.
New this year: Gerbera Daisy and Shasta Daisy.

I guess the reigning queens of my garden are my roses - I have eleven of them - and they survive in spite of my hit-and-miss care. I love different roses for different reasons. For instance, this one, called Brass Band, is special because it holds on to its petals for the longest time, and continues to change into lovely colors as it ages. It starts out bright orange like this ...

... then fades to peach (right), then to almost a blush pink/beige (left).  It hangs on for so long - love it!
Then there's "Passionate Kisses."  I love the color, a cross between peach and pink, and the petals appear almost translucent, especially in bright sun.  Gorgeous.
I have two David Austen English roses. This one is called "English Garden" and has the most gorgeous buds. and then as it opens fully it looks completely different ... 

Like this. 

I love my garden!!!

Whew ... gardening is a lot of work!!  But so worth it. 

How's your garden this year?


  1. SO beautiful I love your garden and I do have to admit to being a fellow rose junkie! Though I only have seven right now......hmm maybe it's time to add to the family!
    Add that Champagne Elegance is divine- I WANT one!
    Thanks for sharing your garden- I always adore seeing what treasures other people get to enjoy in their space!

  2. Thanks, Stephanie. I KNOW you are a garden lover because of the beautiful paintings in your shop!

  3. Beautiful roses! Wow! You have sure been busy! Looks awesome.


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