Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Do you know this bird??

About a week or so ago, this pretty bird appeared in my backyard (the best picture I could get). I am by no means an expert bird watcher so when I see a new guy I check the books and online. I haven't been able to identify this one and, based on its behavior, I'm beginning to suspect it's a pet bird who flew the coop. It keeps to itself, comes by itself, and doesn't fly away quite so quickly as the others do when I go outside.  I have gold finches here but this one's coloring just doesn't fit. It is yellow all over except that tiny "cape" on its back and around its neck.  Could it be a canary?

Once before I posted a pic of a spider and one of you was kind of enough to identify it. So I figure one of you may know what this is. And if it is a pet, should I try to capture it? I haven't been able to find any "lost bird" postings.  What do you think?


  1. Hi Felicia~

    Looks like a canary based on its size and tail. I live in California and have about 4 different types of finch, with similar colorings to this photo, but they're smaller birds. Your description sounds like it may be one that did fly the coop if it's a pet! Plus the beak is that of a seed eater, which canaries and finches are.

    Not sure if this helps or not!!

  2. Thanks, GwynnieB! I think you might be right. I didn't know that about the type of beak.

    Any other birders out there have a thought?

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  4. not a birder but goldfinch is my guess - did you find out?

  5. Stacey, I haven't found out yet and he's still around.

    I may be wrong but I don't think it's a goldfinch. I have goldfinches in my yard but this bird doesn't "hang" with them, and when you see them side by side they have different markings.

    I'm thinking someone's pet canary but it's still a mystery.

  6. I hope it's not somebody's pet. That would just be too sad. He is such a little cutie-patootie. I just love little birds!

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