Monday, May 24, 2010

"You are not a failure ... you are not a failure"

A recent article in Inc. magazine about Etsy has been making the rounds on Etsy and a lot of blogs.  Here's the link:

The good news: It's publicity for Etsy, which sorely needs it. I have yet to talk to someone who knows what I'm talking about when I mention Etsy.  It's amazing how unknown it is compared to, say, Ebay. I don't understand why the powers-that-be at Etsy don't focus more on advertising. So I'm happy for any bit of publicity, even though it means there may be more competition from artists signing up to grab their pot of gold.

The bad news: For every person who is making a killing on Etsy, there's probably 10,000 - that's what I said, 10,000 - who can't even afford a Starbucks cappucino tall with their "profits."  Sometimes it reminds me of all that paid programming on TV that claims you can make millions every month by buying their  money making product.  Same thing - probably 10,000 for every 1. Maybe worse ...

Yes, we all love what we do on Etsy. But I'm probably not alone in having an anxiety attack every time I see an article on "what you must do."  My mind is off and running:  "I must come up with a unique product! I  must re-do every single photo in my shop! I must re-write all of my titles and descriptions! I must sign up and use every possible social networking site in existence!  I must post on my blog EVERY SINGLE DAY!"

Of course, I can't do all of that RIGHT NOW.   So I think I will pour another cup of coffee (not Starbucks) and write 100 times on my mental blackboard: "You are not a failure ... you are not a failure."


  1. Yep, we're just tiny fish in that big bay-o-etsy. All we can do is just keep swimming ;) And you are so NOT a failure, lovely lady!

  2. I'm hearing what you're saying....fortunately for me, i do it for the hobby of it, the money is just a surprise blessing when it comes my way!

    hang in...your work is lovely...more people need to 'hear' of Etsy..that's for sure!

    i know Martha Stewart is always mentioning it...and Steven and Chris it's getting there....

    ciao bella!
    creative carmelina

  3. So you also get the blank stare and a "HUH?" when you say the word "ETSY"? I am not alone, then. It is like I am talking a foreign language. Oh well. What can we do? At least it's cheaper than FEEbay.

  4. I love this post! It brings it all home. I am on a Central NY Etsy team and so many of the members have daily sales so someone has to be included in the 10,000 that doesn't. Glad to be of service :)

  5. Struck a nerve, did I? I know I'm not alone being in those 10,000+, and getting that blank stare when I mention Etsy. But it sure is tough to not get some validation for my work more than just occasionally.

    If I come up with any brilliant ideas on how to solve this dilemma, I'll let you all know!

  6. Thanks for sharing this, Felicia! I'm new enough to keep gobbling up all the information hoping to find the magic formula for success. It appears that it does involve a certain amount of magic! Your work is beautiful!

  7. Liz-Anna, I wish there were a magic formula - I would happily share it! Thanks for visiting.


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