Thursday, May 13, 2010

National Tropical Botanical Garden

Wednesday, 5/12:
We were awakened at 6 a.m. by someone's car alarm going off. But it didn't matter; we both had a very restless, uncomfortable sleep thanks to that heavy pasta meal, and we had to get up early anyway.  Live and learn ....

We spent the entire day today at the National Tropical Botanical Gardens on the South Shore of the Island.  We did a self-guided tour of the McBryde Garden in the morning, and a guided tour of the Allerton Garden in the afternoon.  This is a most impressive place.  Not only are the gardens stunning and filled with the most incredible plants, flowers and trees I have ever seen, they are also on a mission of discovery, scientific research, conservation and education.  Hawaii has the greatest number of endangered plant species, and the Botanical Garden is working to preserve and re-establish as many as they can. I can't possibly tell you everything I learned today, but if you are interested you can read all about them here.

I also can't possibly show you all the photos I took today - there's 256 of them!! I'm still matching photos to their botanical names, but here's a sampling.

This absolutely weird and incredible tree played a big part in the original Jurassic Park movie. We saw the exact spot where the pivotal scene was shot. That's my sister Fran standing there to give you an idea of how massive the roots of this tree are. The gardens are currently preparing for the start of filming for the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie. NO, we weren't lucky enough to just happen to run into Johnnie Depp there...

Guess who tried to crawl in the car with us when we were leaving?? Yes, those guys again.

All that walking took a toll on my back and we were determined to get to dinner earlier than last night. But first, we had to make a stop to see the Wailua Falls north of Lihue.  Gorgeous. 

Off to dinner.  We headed to the Wahooo Seafood Grille and Bar. Forgot to ask why/how they named it "Wahooo."  We both had great meals - Pacific Snapper for my sister ...

And Kona Kampachi for me.

My sister and I seem to have made margeritas the drink of choice for us this trip, so ...

And where else but in Kauai can you sit on the patio of a very fine restaurant and watch GOATS in the field next door??  Seriously.

It was quite amusing to watch them all run and hide under this tree when it started to rain.  And this little baby just amused us all during dinner.  He hopped and skipped all over the place, acting just like a little "kid." LOL!

Well, that was my day. Another good one, with us trying to fit in as much as we can, since our days on Kauai are dwindling.  One more big adventure tomorrow.  Stay tuned.


  1. Votre page avec l'ensemble de vos photos me chavire le coeur...
    J'adore... Quel beau voyage j'ai fait grâce à vous...merci
    Best regards.

  2. Felicia!! Wow wow! So excited to catch up on your posts today! Looks like it's everything you hoped it would be! You are surely taking some very beautiful photographs! You have a great eye! The monk seal did look sleepy and comfy lazing on the beach. Good for him! Hope you get to do some of that too. I definitely want to go to the Banana Patch studio. Amazing! Now, please don't move away!

    xoxo, Mary


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