Friday, May 28, 2010

Memories of their service - World War II

I had six uncles who served during World War II. My Dad also served in the army, but by WWII he already had five kids (!) so he served locally as part of the Civil Defense Corps.

WWII was a horrible war, and although my uncles bore life-long scars -  physical and psychological - they all survived, came home, lived their lives, had families, and two of them still survive today.  I was much too young to realize how significant it was that they all came home, but I think of it often on weekends like this.  How fortunate we were as a family!  And how sad to think that many families were - and continue to be -deprived of seeing their fathers and mothers, sons and daughters live long and happy lives.

Think of that this weekend and say a silent prayer for them all. I know I will.

The following photos mean a lot to me. It was Easter Day ... and my Christening Day. My Uncle Mike (in the middle) was home on leave and served as my Godfather. My aunt, in the polkadot dress, was my Godmother.  How special!

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