Thursday, May 13, 2010

Marionette and Dava and the North Shore

Tuesday, 5/11:

Ahhhh, lunch with the final two of my Hawaii artists: Marionette of Kauaiartist and Dava of TreasuresfromHawaii!  Of course, they were both part of my I'd Rather Be in Hawaii! week.  We met at Scottie's BBQ in Kapaa and, as with Lisa and Schar before them, none of us were at a loss for words.  We learned a little more about each other, talked about the state of our art, enjoyed our rack o' ribs, and just had a great time.  Here's Dava, me, Fran and  Marionette - just "hangin' loose."

The best thing about my time in Hawaii - among all the very best things I have experienced so far - has been meeting all these wonderful artists. Each and every one of them have shown themselves to be the most delightful, interesting, talented, generous people.  I am so lucky to have formed these friendships!  Thank you, Lisa, Schar, Dava and Marionette!! (Thanks from my sister, too -  she kept saying how much she enjoyed meeting all of you - "such interesting people.") 

We finally hugged our goodbyes and Fran and  I continued on up the North Shore, just rambling, to see what we could see.  What a ride! Narrow roads, winding, climbing, winding, climbing ... stunning views everywhere you look. And these tiny one-lane bridges - there must have been about 10 of them - traffic had to take turns crossing and, fortunately, all the drivers were polite and considerate.  We drove all the way to where the road ended, then we turned around and came back.

Unfortunately, this was the busiest time in terms of tourist traffic since we have been here and we had to pass up several scenic overlooks because they were so crowded we couldn't find a parking spot. On Kauai, there's just no such thing as pulling in alongside the road - no room! And there's no such thing as turning around.  It pains me that I missed a lot of good photo ops.  In any case, here's a sample of what I did manage to capture. 

This is the Kilauea Lighthouse at the very top of the island.

The clouds hanging over the tops of the mountains were stunning.

And these guys are EVERYWHERE!

We got back quite late, and stopped at Kauai Pasta for dinner. We would realize much later that eating a heavy pasta meal so late in the day was not a very good idea.


  1. Felicia and Fran,
    It is so great to see you both enjoying yourselves on Kauai! The photos from the botanical gardens were spectacular! I also love seeing the goats at Wahoo's!!! They are so cute. And, of course, you have some obligatory "chicken" photos! LOL

    It was so much fun meeting you both in person and hearing about your adventures with the other artists of Hawaii. I hope you have a very smooth and spectacular boat trip!

    Mahalo Nui Loa and Lots of Aloha to your both!!!!


  2. Thanks for sharing, Felicia. I recognize many of your sights on kauai. This is a nice reminder for me too!

    BTW- your photos are GORGEOUS!


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