Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kauai's South Shore

Monday, 5/10:

Wow, what a day!  We packed a lot in today on the South Shore of Kauai.  We headed first to Hanapepe, a lovely little town filled with art galleries and other interesting shops.  An etsy artist friend, Schar Freeman of http://www.scharart.etsy.com/
 and http://www.ainakauai.etsy.com/ works at the Banana Patch Studio there. Schar is one of the Hawaiian artists I featured during my "I'd Rather be in Hawaii" week.  By the way, did I mention that, thanks to a special promotion, I upgraded our rental car to a convertible?? So we have been traveling in style this week!  Here we are in front of the Banana Patch Studio:

We walked in and surprised Schar, who then gave us a tour of the Banana Patch Studio. Wow, I would love to work there! They not only represent several artists, they are a working studio with several kilns and create much of the artwork they sell. 

Here's the studio:

And parts of the showroom:

If you are ever in Kauai you must visit the Banana Patch. It's an incredible place.

Schar was able to slip out and grab a quick lunch with us at the Hanapepe Cafe and Bakery across the street. What a delightful person she is! We had an interesting fun conversation - we just didn't stop talking for a minute (well, maybe only when had food in our mouths!) and only wished that we had more time to visit.  Here's Schar on the left with me and my sister. 

With hugs all around we said our goodbyes, and continued on to Waimea Canyon.  This is one of those "don't miss" views that everyone told me about. We were a little concerned that we might not see much because it was very cloudy and we were warned it might be raining at the top.  But, undeterred, we drove the winding roads all the way up.  Luckily, although there was some cloud cover, we didn't get rained on and were able to enjoy various views of the Canyon.  These photos don't do it justice - it's a magnificent sight! 

After coming down from Waimea Canyon, we had a little bit of time so we went back to Hanapepe to visit a few more shops.  We stopped in to Talk Story The Bookstore.  The store bills itself as the Western-most bookstore in the United States, and I have no reason to doubt that's true!!   "Talk story" is my favorite Hawaiian phrase.  I believe it's the equivalent of  "sitting around and shooting the breeze."  After browsing the Hawaiian bookshelves, I picked out an original vintage (1944) book of Hawaiian legends. 
After booking a tour for Thursday, we needed a relaxing break, so I had sex on the beach.  Now get your mind out of the gutter.  It's a DRINK, silly! 

After that break, we searched for a beach along the western shore where we could await a sunset photo op.  We lucked out - parked there on the shore right in front of us was a monk seal!  They are a severely endangered species and are well protected in Hawaii - you can be in big trouble if you get too close or harass the seals if you see them.  A volunteer from the Kauai Monk Seal watch program was there, placing traffic cones and taking photographs, and explained that this particular seal was young and in the process of shedding its outer skin and that's why it was a little green and lazy. 


We just sat and watched the activity on the beach, and I snapped away as the sun went down.  Here's some images from the end of our day. 

Gorgeous!  It was finally time to head home and we were so tired we didn't even stop to eat. Just came back to our room and scrounged from the food we had on hand.  It was a great day!


  1. Felicia, I just got caught up on your blog from the last several days! It looks like you guys are having an amazing time. Beautiful photos ... So happy you're finally in Hawaii! :)

  2. Felicia!!!! I just read through all the posts..WOW, wow, wow!! How happy are you right now?? I know I'm a hormonal preggo lady but I cried looking at all of these - Hawaii is such a magical place and you are experiencing the best of everything...it makes me long to go back...loved seeing Etsy artists..I want to work with Schar in a MAJOR way...maybe its time to move the fam to Hawaii LOL....keep sharing and have fun you and your sis look like you are having a blast! Enjoy and BIG, BIG hugs

  3. The car is great! Be sure to use plenty sunscreen or you will resemble a lobster by the end of the day! I LOVED seeing Banana Patch Studio. Can't wait to go there one day. So cool you got to meet up with Schar too! I love the old Hawaiian Legends book you found. Looks well read :O)

    The sunset is beautiful too. It is so fun to read about what you two have been up to! Sounds like you are packing a lot into your time there, but don't forget to take a day to just veg like Mr. Green Monk Seal!!


  4. Aloha Felicia and Fran!!! It was such a pleasant surprise to have you both drop into BP. You are both so full of beautiful energy and aloha!! Wow like Liza mentioned you two are packing alot in a day.

    Great photos and the canyon looks beautiful with spring color. And you even got to meet up with Mr. Monk Seal. He is one tired puppy getting ready to molt looks like with all the green on his fur.

    What beach did you ladies go for the sunset? Was it in Kekaha or is that Polihale at the end of the road?

    I can hardly wait to read about your visit with Marionette and Dava as well as your visit to the National Tropical Gardens.

    If you take the NaPali cruZ tomorrow, and you feel up to it drop by BP (I work all day and in the gallery in the afternoon). I would love to see you again if can.

    Great find @ TalkStory Books...I love that store!!!
    much aloha♥schar

  5. Aloha, everyone! Yes, my sis and I are having a great time. In fact, we're having such a great time that by the time we get back to our room I am too wiped out to put together a blog post!

    Schar, we were in Kekaha for the sunset. At least I think we were - one thing Kauai is not big on is signage!

    Mahalo for all of your kind comments!


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