Friday, May 7, 2010

Hello, Honolulu!

Yellow Hibiscus - State Flower of Hawaii

Wednesday, 5/5:

Travel Day. Detroit to Atlanta, 1.5 hours. Atlanta to Honolulu, 9.5 hours.  That is one LOOOOOONG flight.  My lousy back and legs let me know they were not at all happy with that.  But there were no delays, the flights were smooth, and the challenge the first day was to adjust to the time difference as quickly as we could. 

Thursday, 5/6:

Our first full day in Honolulu.  We started out at the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. My Godfather was stationed there with the Navy, fortunately AFTER December 7, 1941.  I was very touched by the memorial. I knew what it was, but seeing it for real was quite an experience: to see the remains of the ship just below the surface ... the oil still leaking from the ship's tanks ... to stand before the memorial wall and other exhibits and fully realize how many men, women and children were lost on that day and the chain of events it initiated.  

I won't go into the history of Pearl Harbor; you all know the story.  Even though we were in the midst of a large tour group, these images, more personal, brought tears to my eyes and epitomized the deep meaning of the memorial. 

That evening, you know we just had to go to a luau at least once.  Although it probably wasn't the best one we could have chosen - it was quite "tourist-y" - I at least can say that I have been to a luau!  We ate, we drank, we watched lots of hula dancing. No, I did NOT get up on stage to try the hula.


Whaat????  The Fire Dance, of course!

After awhile, I slipped away to try and get some sunset shots. The day had been cloudy with a little bit of rain, so it wasn't a spectacular sunset, but I like this shot.

So ... the end of my first day in Hawaii. It was a pretty full day and we are still a bit tired from the time change.  More to come tomorrow. In the meantime ...



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