Thursday, April 8, 2010


Those of you who entered your guesses for the April Charades contest are going to be disappointed.  No one guessed all the answers correctly, and most of you had only ONE wrong! AARRGHHH!  They were all good guesses and made sense, but I had to stay with my original choices (see below).

We do have a winner for the drawing, and I know she will be one happy person:

Cindi from Clayitagain/12midnightoils

Here's the answers. 

1. Sweet Home Alabama –Lynyrd Skynyrd
2. Hotel California - Eagles
3. Heart of Glass – Blondie
4. Brown Sugar – Rolling Stones
5. American Pie – Don McLean
6. We Will Rock You/We are the Champions – Queen
7. Fire and Rain – James Taylor
8. We are Family – Sister Sledge

There were fewer people participating, probably because many people were busy with the Easter holiday. Thanks to all of you for playing!

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  1. How very inconsiderate of me to never have visited back here and thank you for the beautiful print(s). I absolutely love them and am so sorry for not coming back here until now to thank you. I have been extrememly busy getting our yard ready for the garden this year. Thank you so much Felicia; you are a sweetheart, that's for sure


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