Thursday, April 15, 2010

If it were up to you ...

... which would you choose?  It's no secret that my Etsy sales - and the sales of a lot of other artists - have been in the toilet very slow so far this year.  I try not to take it personally since there are so many other factors at play, not the least of which is the economy. However, some artists are doing well and some are doing fabulously well.  Even though I try to follow good advice to do the kind of work I love and therefore others will love it, I think it's natural to start trying to second-guess potential buyers by trying to create artwork I THINK they might want to buy.  Notice I said "buy," not just "like."  I have certain pieces in my shop that attract many viewers, but for whatever reason they don't result in a sale.

I have been working on a new series of blank greeting cards, and since spring is blooming away and it's also one of my favorite colors, I'm featuring pink as in "Think Pink" or "Pretty in Pink" or whatever.  I have three different approaches and samples below and I would like to get your feedback as to which you prefer.  There's three styles: (1) the unaltered photograph, (2) the photograph with writing included, and (3) the photograph with a TTV (through the viewfinder) style frame. 

So what do you think? Feel free to leave any comments you would like. And no fair saying you like them all!  Force yourself to narrow it to the style you like the most. I might just surprise somebody whose comments I like the best with some of these cards when I have them completed!


  1. okay, here's the scoop on my thoughts and opinions on these photos...

    they truly are all pretty, but in my honest opinion, the first one is just a tad bit too plain for my liking...
    the second is a little too busy looking...the typeset writing seems too stretched out, or maybe it should be faded a bit so as not to fight for attention!

    third time is the charmer! i love that beautiful brown border ... it is stunning! it has a 'look within' draw toward it...makes you want to look beyond the border and into the depth of the photo more...
    and the vintage flair is always a plus....

    so in summary, I love the tulips with the brown border!

    hope that wasn't too harsh, but I'm just giving my personally tasted, artistic opinion!

    remember, you asked! lol

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina
    much success to you and your etsy sales!


  2. Hi Carmelina,
    That's exactly the kind of feedback I'm looking for. It allows me to see the work through others' eyes. Yes, I did ask! Thank you!

    I hope other readers will respond also. The more feedback the better.

  3. Oh for me, it's TTV all the way and then the ones with writing, but the TTV images really speak to me with their other worldly quality.
    BTW, I heard last week that a LOT of people's sales have been down at Etsy and for whatever reason, Google searches weren't pulling Etsy folk. I don't know if it's fixed yet, but it's nice to know that there have been factors other than our lovely economy!
    And I say, keep going the way you are, these new peices are GOLD!

  4. Thanks, Stephanie. I like the TTVs too. Every time I try to read in the forums about Google, SEO, etc. I get crazy. Seems like they change everything every other day. And yet Etsy can't answer a simple question I have about Google Analytics. Oh well...


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