Friday, March 26, 2010

A True (Very Funny) Story

Today I wore these delicate gold earrings, not usually worn on an ordinary day like today. They were given to me by my younger sister Fran many years ago. They’re among my favorites and … They. Make. Me. Laugh! Let me explain. Back when I was in my fun-loving early 20s I wanted to get my ears pierced. Only partly in jest, I suggested to my very funny, friendly dentist that he could do it. He had the needle and the anesthetic; that’s all we needed. To my delighted surprise, he agreed to do it after office hours one day. Then I recruited my sister Fran, who hated needles and was not crazy about my harebrained idea to have our DENTIST pierce our ears! I pushed and prodded, told her that the earlobe had no blood vessels so there wouldn’t be any blood and she wouldn’t feel a thing. The big night came. I went first. Anesthetic in; needle through the earlobes; earrings inserted. No problem. Then it’s Fran’s turn. Anesthetic in; needle through the earlobe … blood squirts out about two feet. Sheer terror on both their faces! In that split second I’m sure sister envisioned “ambulance” and dentist envisioned “malpractice.” Me? I had a front row seat to a hysterical slapstick comedy! I couldn’t stop laughing, which probably made them both envision “murder.”  We eventually settled down, stopped the bleeding, put some antibiotic on, and stuck the earring in her ear. She did have a bit of an infection in that ear for awhile, but she survived.

One funny followup - of course I had to tell all my friends and co-workers what we did. A few years ago I had an opportunity to see a man I worked with at the time of the dentist incident (40 years ago!) and hadn't seen since I left the company. I walked up to him and said, "It's a blast from your past. Remember me?" He stared at me for about 2 seconds, then said, "Yes, you're the only person I know who had her ears pierced by her dentist." Ahh, that incident made me infamous!

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  1. Too Funny Felicia! You crack me up!!!


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