Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Time Imagined

Did I mention I was taking an online writing class? Here's one assignment.

A Time Imagined (Unpublished)

A Time Imagined

In a paralyzing state of inaction,
I’m slowly coming back to myself.
Tentatively, I start to work,
painting thrift store frames
and reframing family photos.
The familiar sweet smell of fresh paint
gently tugs me back.
I breathe deeply.
This is what I love.
I smile.

Carefully I open an old photo album,
pages faintly musty with age.
I delicately caress a photo -
two smiling people hugging tightly.
I’m transported to a time imagined,
when my parents were young and in love
and these photos were cherished and new,
like their love.
I smile.

I breathe deeply,
old and new scents mingle.
I choose the photo
of the young couple
and move on.

- Felicia Kramer 2010


  1. That is beautiful!

    I love looking at old photos, even if I don't know who the people are!

  2. Those scents from old books, photos sure bring back memories.



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