Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Treasury and a Reminder

I found myself is a treasury this morning; it's been awhile since I've appeared in one. And this one is absolutely delightful! It cheered me up - I couldn't help smiling at this oh-so colorful collection.  My rainbow daisy print is included, and it's in good company indeed.
The treasury was created by Guerillagranny, a self-described "vintage hippy." Stop by her shop and see her Flapper era inspired cloches. They are so cute! Here's my print:

And here's the company it's keeping. I dare you not to smile!

A few of my favorites.
Created by: Guerillagranny Exp: 3 days

And the reminder: Enter comment(s) to be eligible for the drawing for my March Charades contest:


  1. you're right, i did is so cheery, bright and happy!
    it actually matches the bright sunlight we have going on out here!

    ciao...have a great day

  2. Oh so lovely! Your new print is beautiful.

  3. congrats! Your piece is a perfect fit for that vibrant treasury

  4. Gorgeous treasury, very yummy! I haven't been doing many treasuries lately, just not enough time these days......

  5. What a colorful treasury, I love it! Have you recouped from your Hawaii trip yet?!!!??


  6. Hi all -
    I'm a little late in responding here. I thought this treasury was delightful, and not just because I was in it. Although I'll admit I fit right in!

    Lisa, I have recouped but I wish we were still doing it - I had so much fun with it!


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