Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Christmas Gift

For my Christmas exchange with my sister, I gave her a wish list of art from my favorite Etsy artists. One of them was a custom mosaic from Christine of MemoriesinMosaics, and that's what my sister's gift to me was.  I wanted to include in the mosaic some mementos from my mother and any other pieces of sentimental value I might have.  Once I started in to working with Christine to plan the mosaic, I realized that I had fewer pieces than I first thought. In addition, Chris cautioned me that when planning a mosaic with a picture frame the mosaic should be kept fairly simple so as not to overwhelm the photo.  So after much back and forth, with Chris showing admirable patience with me, we finally came up with our final design.  The mosaic contains an ankle bracelet of my mother's dated 1935, a cameo because my mother loved cameos, and a pair of earrings that have meaning for me. The "broken plate" pieces are from my own set of china from my (long ago) wedding.  I received the mosaic a few weeks ago, and finally got to inserting a photo and hanging it. The photo is my mother, of course, taken probably about the time she would have worn than ankle bracelet.  Here it is:

And here it is, hung on my family photo wall.

I'm so pleased with how this came out, and I have to thank Chris from Memoriesinmosaics once again for this beautiful artwork that is destined to be a family heirloom forever.


  1. I am so happy you are enjoying your memory mosaic, Felicia. The chain looks great with the ankle charm.
    Thanks for sharing it. I appreciate it and am happy to have you as my friend.

  2. That certainly is a beautiful and heartful little memorial to your mother!

    Indeed, our lives are mosaics-made up of pieces that fit together one way or another.



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