Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April Charades Contest

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Y'know, sometimes I'm a little slow on the uptake. Ever since I started this monthly contest, I would announce when someone had guessed the titles correctly. Then most everyone would stop commenting, even though I would urge all of you to keep commenting so you could still be in the final drawing. Well, it took me long enough, but I figured it out: I'm not going to announce it when it happens.  And I'm throwing in another challenge: Give me the title AND the performer(s).  So keep on guessing - first one with all correct answers will be announced at the end of the contest!  

How it works: Each photo stands by itself to represent a TOP 100 SONG from the 1970s. There's eight songs.
The rules: You need to guess the song titles – and make sure they ARE the correct titles - for each one.
The prizes: The first person to correctly guess all eight songs will receive a surprise gift from me.  Then a second winner will be selected by random number generator from all comments submitted.  The prize? A $20 gift certificate toward anything in my shop (with free shipping).

Want to increase your odds? You can be entered in the drawing up to four times: (1) Take your guesses in one comment (only one guess entry per person), (2) In a separate comment, tell me your favorite image from one or more of these shops, (3) In a separate comment, tell me you signed up to follow my blog (or that you already follow), (4) In a separate comment, tell me you became a fan (or that you are already a fan) of my facebook page:   (More than four comments from the same person will not be counted.)

This contest will run for ONE WEEK ONLY. The drawing will be held on Thursday, April 8.

What are they:

Time Frame:   The '70s









  1. These are fun mind stimulators.

    Wish everyone luck--:)

  2. Ok... here are my guess Felicia

    1. Sweet Home Alabama –Lyndryd Syndyrd (1974)
    2. Hotel California - Eagles (1976)
    3. Heart of Glass – Blondie (1978)
    4. Brown Sugar – Rolling Stones(1971)
    5. American Pie – Don McLean (1971)
    6. We are the Champions – Queen (1977)
    7. Fire and Rain – James Taylor (1970)
    8. Ooo Baby Baby – Linda Ronstadt (1979)

    thecreatorspalette at gmail dot com

  3. Oh... I didn't see the other entries... got so focused on the songs LOL!

    I love KimsCottageArt! Been following it a long time on eBay. I love all her cottages, but to show something a bit different, love this "White Pine Hills"

    I also enjoyed discovering newmoonglass and love this Sea Shell Heart with Swirls

    And I love way too many of Amy's paintings from PaintingPrints to even list here!

  4. Well... just in case I didn't get the songs right... I'm doing all the entries... so...

    I follow your blog!!!

  5. I am already a fan of your facebook page :-)

  6. Felicia,

    I've been submersed in kids. They had spring break for the last 10 days. Tomorrow they are FINALLY back to school. Here are my guesses.

    Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd
    Hotel California - Eagles
    Heart of Glass - Blondie
    Brown Sugar - The Rolling Stones
    American Pie - Don McLean
    We are the Champions - Queen
    Fire and Rain - James Taylor
    Family Affair - Sly and the Family Stone

  7. Hi Jodi - Glad you survived Spring Break!! Welcome back and thanks for playing! I'm not giving any clues this time!

  8. Ok here's my guesses for the songs:

    Our House-Crosy,Stills,& Nash
    Hotel California-The Eagles
    Heart of Glass-Blondie
    Brown Sugar-Rolling Stones
    American Pie-Don MeLean
    We are the Champions-Queen
    Fire and Rain-James Taylor
    We Are Family-Sister Sledge

  9. Here's what I like from each shop:

    From KimsCottageArt-Snowy Hills

    From Photografia-Flowering Dogwood

    From newmoonglass-Elegant Church Window

    From pateceramics-Blue Handled Bowl

    From GoomasGoodies-Coconut Pie but what is NOT to like in her shop,huh?

    From ronniegunn-OH NO is temporarily I looked through the sold items and I remember drinking out of aluminum glasses like these when I was a little girl

    From PaintingPrints-Violets of the Forest

    From craftyaddictions-Mother Daughter Charm Necklace

    I know I didn't have to do each one; but I didn't want to show preferential treatment :)

  10. Yes I follow your blog...

    and I would love to win something from your shop

  11. And yes, I'm a fan...

    if I win, I will either pick Comes the Dawn
    OR In the Light of the Moon

    I have loved both of those for a looooong time now and I just cannot see breaking up the pair; So I would have to buy one and win one :)

  12. Awww man I just realized I mispelled "Crosby", Stills, & Nash on my first song pick
    Hope that doesn't disqualify me; this would be such an excellent Birthday present. My BD is the 7th

  13. I LOVE your etsy site, everything is beautiful !!!

  14. Hey, Cindi - looks like we have the same birthday. Tomorrow, right? Cool! Hope you have a happy day!

  15. Fun giveaway!
    1.Home Sweet Alabama(Lynyrd Skynyrd)
    2.Hotel California(Eagles)
    3.Don't Go Breaking my Heart(Elton John and Kiki)
    4.Brown Sugar(Rolling Stones)
    5.American Pie(Don Mclean)
    6.We Are The Champions(Queen)
    7.Fire and Rain(James Taylor)
    Heart of Glass(Blondie)

    cyclona66(at) aol dot com

  16. Here's my guesses:
    Little Pink House- John Mellencamp
    Hotel California-The Eagles
    Heart of Glass-Blondie
    Brown Sugar-Rolling Stones
    American Pie-Don MeLean
    We are the Champions-Queen
    Fire and Rain-James Taylor
    We Are Family-Sister Sledge


  17. Good guesses, everyone. Keep it up!


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