Monday, February 15, 2010


Aloha Kakahiaka! (Good Morning)
Are you up to your ears in snow? Are you still shivering in spite of wearing four layers of clothing? Are you suffering cabin fever from being stuck in the house for so long? Even if you live someplace where it’s usually warm, are your pets hiding under the bed and your plants drooping from the colder temps? Yeah, I thought so. Did you know that last week the only state in the union that didn't have any snow anywhere was Hawaii?  Well, I can’t afford to send us all to Hawaii, so for at least this week, let’s escape together with:


I have to admit that I have never been to Hawaii. Not that I haven’t tried, but I have been foiled in several attempts to get there, so much so that it has become a running joke with some friends and family. I’ll just give you two examples of how I ALMOST got there.

When I was in my mid-20s my roommate and I discovered a travel club that planned great trips, including a two week trip to Hawaii. We weren't making a whole lot of money then, so we figured it would take us the whole year to save up the money. Not only was I cash poor, I was unhappy with my job and basically unsatisfied with my (single) life. I started to think: why am I spending an entire year saving up for one vacation?? Why don’t I just move to California, an adventure in itself, and then I’ll be even closer to Hawaii and can schedule a vacation later? (I didn’t say my thinking was always perfectly rational.) But that’s indeed what I did. I made some arrangements, said goodbye to my roommate (who was a good sport about it all), and moved to San Francisco. Did I get to Hawaii from there? Nope. I met a man and ended up reluctantly leaving San Francisco a few years later, waving goodbye across the waters to Hawaii as I left...

Another foiled attempt to get to Hawaii was worse, because the bulk of the trip would have been paid for. I spent better than 30 years as a meeting and shows producer, primarily for automotive clients. The first company where I got my start in the business produced the annual announcement shows for one of the largest auto companies. Every year, they said, “Next year we’ll go to Hawaii.” And every year they took too much time to decide and got started too late to book such a huge program. The dealer body was so large that the shows had to be repeated several times, with different groups arriving in overlapping waves. At that time I was an associate producer, learning the business. (“What’s an associate producer? The only person who will associate with a producer.” We usually had a reputation for being “demanding” and “difficult” – I preferred to call us “focused” and “hard-working.”)

Finally the decision was made to do the next program in Hawaii. I was beside myself with excitement! We had barely begun planning when I was called in to the boss’s office to hear: Congratulations! We’re promoting you and you’ll get to produce your own show this year. You’ll produce the XXX Division’s meeting and it will be held in …

(Wait for this … are you ready??)



(All you lovely people in Nashville, don’t write me to complain. I ended up having a great time. But it just wasn’t Hawaii.) So while almost everyone else went to Hawaii, including many of the bosses who used it as an excuse for a boondoggle, a small band of us headed for Nashville to do our show and cry in our beers. Our show could have imploded or exploded for all our bosses cared; they were basking in the Hawaiian sun and didn’t even return our phone calls! And to add insult to injury, because of the travel time involved the shows in Hawaii had to be spaced out, with the result that staff and crew spent over a month there and had a FULL DAY off in between shows – an unheard of bonus. Every time I think of that missed opportunity my blood pressure goes up!

All of that is just a prelude to telling you how we are all going to do the next best thing all this week – forget about the snow and cold and take a virtual vacation to Hawaii!

We'll get to know FOUR great online artist friends who live and work in Hawaii.

Can you imagine? They LIVE there!

I guarantee you, they will transport you to their island life with their evocative artwork and their descriptions of the lives they lead in that beautiful paradise.

Each day you’ll be treated to an In the Studio interview with a different artist, and each one is offering a fantastic giveaway of their gorgeous artwork.

You will have as many as FIVE chances to enter each drawing, and you’ll be able to enter every day for another giveaway from another artist.

The drawings will be held exactly a week later for each artist.

And to sweeten the pot even more, I’ll do a SECOND drawing each day for a few of these bookmarks and/or magnets I created just for this week.

So be sure to come back tomorrow and every day this week to meet the artists and enter your comments to be entered into the drawing!

I think this week will encourage me to finally plan that long awaited trip to Hawaii!  See you 'apopo (tomorrow)!!


  1. After all the disappointment you have been through on your Hawaiian adventures, I just KNOW one day you will make it out to the "Land Of Aloha". I enjoyed reading your story, and can't wait to see your interviews!!

  2. Maybe you can retire in Hawaii, wouldn't that be nice ?Great Blog.

  3. I never dreamed of visiting Hawaii untill now. The landscape is beautiful, the flowers are amazing. Felicia now thanks to you I am planning my next vacation for HAWAII, hoping for lots of sales on ETS.Y

  4. Hi all, I think by the time this week is through we are ALL going to be packing our bags. Since I started preparing this week's postings, I been more anxious than ever to plan a Hawaiian vacation, finally!

  5. Felicia - when you visit here I'll be waiting with a BIG hug!! :D

    Giddy with excitement for "Hawaiian Week" and am humbled to be a part of it...Hope we do you proud :D

    Aloha and God bless....Dava

  6. I've been to Hawaii, I dream of Hawaii all the time, and if I actually lived there I would have to pinch myself every day!!
    Looking forward to "Hawaiian Week" too!

  7. I can only dream of Hawaii but I'd love to take the virtual tour this week. Beautiful shot of the Bird of it!!!

  8. What a fun and fabulous idea! I'll be along for the tour for sure!

  9. Oooh - What a great idea for us in the snow and cold! Looking forward to the all the artists!

  10. I sure hope you get there, Felicia. It looks fabulous!

  11. Wow Felicia I hope that you will one day get to come to the islands. You will be walking around in excited awe when you finally get here. It is a very magical and powerful place and I am so blessed to live on one of the best islands, Kauai.

    I look forward to all the wonderful women artists you have choosen for this great idea of a feature. Mahalo nui loa for including me :)


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