Monday, February 22, 2010

I'd Rather be in Hawaii Giveaway Week!

Ok, now all this week we start giving away all that wonderful artwork (and my little bookmarks/magnets). 

You have just about 24 hours from now to enter a comment for the first drawing with Marionette:
I'll pick the winners sometime after noon on Tuesday.

I'm still basking in the virtual sunshine of Hawaii. But one of the downsides of the busy weeks is that my Etsy shop has been woefully neglected.  My current project, then, is to re-evaluate everything in my shop to see what makes the cut or if I should send some items to eternal rest! I also have some new work to post, and I'm busy in the studio creating more.  I really must jump-start some sales because I'm spending way more than I'm taking in.  The IRS won't be treating me kindly for too much longer ....

How about your shop? Do you keep holding on to your old listings or do you evaluate and send some items to the grave?

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