Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Funny stuff

I thought this was appropriate considering the wacky February weather everyone across the country has been suffering.  Here in Michigan we have been lucky so far - the storms of the past few weeks have passed us by (Yay!!!)  However, we didn't escape the one that descended yesterday and last night. It's still mild by the standards of what other states are going through.  As an artist, I love the snow because of the photo ops it provides, but I am not now nor ever have I been a fan of the cold and the life disruptions caused by heavy snowfalls.  I guess it's the price I pay for those photo ops. 

Cuddle up with someone today!


  1. We are on snow day #3 with my kids. I love them dearly, but it is time for the to GO BACK to school. I hopeful that tomorrow will be a somewhat normal day.

  2. Oh, Jodi - you have my complete sympathy! Hang in there - sooner or later the school will have to take them back!


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