Monday, January 18, 2010

Upping the Ante

I recently posted asking for feedback regarding my current and future artwork in my etsy shop. After thinking about it I realized that completing the questionnaire is going to take you some time. So I have upped the ante for your time: a 20% discount in my shop for anyone who completes the questionnaire and identifies themselves. The identification is only so that I can control the coupons given out; I don't spam anyone. Instructions on how to get your coupon code are in the questionnaire. (If you have already completed the questionnaire, I will contact you.)

Here's the questionnaire:

Here's the original post:

The information you provide will really help me to focus my product mix so that I can offer what appeals to you. 
Thank you so much!


  1. This questionnaire is really quick, easy, and entirely painless! Just do it, people!

  2. Stephanie: I'm glad to hear that it was a painless process. Maybe it seemed like it would take a long time because it took me a long time to put it together!! I value the opinion of all my followers. Thank you so much!


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