Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Motown family Christmas party

Our family Christmas party happened yesterday. It's usually held between Christmas and New Year's but sometimes the calendar throws us a curve.  Better late than never ... I wrote about our family Christmas traditions here and we still follow some of the traditions we were brought up with. My brother and his family hosted this year. He's a big Motown (and Elvis and Detroit Red Wings) fan. 

I didn't take the best photo, but I wanted to show that my brother always displays all the ornaments I have made for my family members since the 1980s. Here he's hanging the 2009 version.

I so love watching the kids grow ....

This little guy has looks and personality that don't quit. He has brought joy and comfort to his parents and grandparents during a tragic time in their lives.  He carried this gift around all night and showed it to every person there!

All those pretty girls ....                                                                        Check out these dimples!

And the boys just grow like weeds. Their rite of passage: passing up their tall uncle.

I wrote before about my favorite tradition: sharing the oplatek. "Some traditions we observed as children haven’t carried forward, but this one – the exchanging of the oplatek – is still observed at our annual family Christmas party. There’s so many of us that we sometimes lose track: “did I get you yet?” “you already hit me, girl!” “help, I ran out of oplatek!” There’s lots of tears and laughter and kissing and hugging – I love it."

We finish the night off with a few shots of Jezynowka (Polish blackberry brandy). That's me taking my medicine.
(Note: if any of these photos look blurry, it's not you - it's my fault for taking too much medicine!)

I'm still basking in the afterglow of the party and the holidays today.  Tomorrow I take my sister to the airport for her trip home to Milwaukee, and then it's back to work.  I have lots of plans for new art, new approaches, new best practices for the new year. The only thing I have to figure out is where to steal more time to do it all! Onward and forward!

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