Saturday, January 9, 2010

Crazy Weather and Sicky People

Have you ever seen such a protracted series of bad weather - one after another after another.  I have been superstitiously quiet because most of the bad stuff has passed by Michigan. But we got a pretty significant snowfall the last few days and now it is COLDCOLDCOLD!!

And talk about sick!! How many people do you know that have colds, flu or something worse.  I have had some vague symptoms for a few days now, starting with a sore throat and cough. Now I think it's the flu but it's taking it's sweet old time to erupt. (Not that I'm complaining!) I have been in bed most of the day and now feeling quite fatigued. Have a feeling I'll be asleep soon.

Anyway, that's why I haven't posted much this week. I'm trying to post some work on Etsy and do some paperwork but I feel like everything is in slow motion.  I did get some Valentine blocks posted:

Cute, huh?!

But I think I'm going to hang it up tonight. If I can manage it, I'll post more tomorrow. 

BTW, I'm loving the posts below for the January Charades Contest. Some really good guesses but nobody got them all yet. Two people have five of them right. So you still have a chance to win the print AND get entered in the drawing.

For now, though, be warm, take your meds and be kind to yourself.


  1. Colorful blocks! Hope you're feeling better (& warmer) soon!

  2. These are so cute- I can't believe it's so close to v-day!
    Feel better and keep warm :)

  3. Hope you are feeling better, Felicia. It does seem like everyone is getting sick.
    Your blocks are so cute. Very sweet.


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